Ruckify has Launched!

It is official! Ruckify has officially launched and everyone is now able to download our app and browse our ever-growing list of rental items on the Ruckify Marketplace. We are primarily in Ottawa and will expand across Canada, followed by all of North America as we grow. However, no matter your location, you can still post items for people to rent.

Ruckify Launched October 17th, 2018 at the eSax event. We were lucky to not only have both our co-founders, Steve Cody and Bruce Linton, as well as one of our Investors, Brett Wilson speaking at the event, but we got to share the evening with so many supporters (Over 300 in attendance), awesome local businesses and some of our wonderful investors.

We want to thank everyone who attended and who have supported us over the last 18 months of development! We are so excited to see the impact Ruckify will not only have on the sharing/gig economies, but the planet as well!

Let’s Ruckify!

Ruckify has Launched
Ruckify has Launched

Ruckify has Launched

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