getting started on Ruckify – posting 101

Starting your rental business on Ruckify is easy! With instant chat and smooth mobile features, members of our rental community can post, rent, communicate, negotiate and meet anytime – anywhere. Whether you are posting or renting, there are ways to make the process super easy, from first contact to the exchange! Follow this 5 step posting process to avoid any hassles and have a great time renting. Your rental items will be flying off the shelves in no time!

step 1

find an item you’d like to post.

moose stuffed plush animal
Rucky is ready to go out and get some hugs!

Look around your house to find stuff like a bike, tools, musical instruments, or electronics that you want to post. Or post the house itself, your backyard, cottage, or kitchen as a meeting or event space!

Tip: Not sure what to post? Take a walk around your garage or basement – you are sure to find a rarely used item a neighbor could need. Garage finds are great items to start with!

step 2

take pictures of your item.

Make sure they are good quality, formatted to fit a square frame, and highlight the items best angles! Having awesome pictures of your item or space will give a lasting impression on the member looking to rent it! Better the pictures, the more often your items/spaces will be rented!

Tip: Consider using a white sheet as a crisp clean background. If you don’t have a high quality camera (smartphone), consider renting one for an afternoon to make sure all of your item photos are of the same caliber and quality!

step 3

Post your item on Ruckify.

Here you can even choose your own rates and availability.

Setup your items/space as an instant book which will allow other members to easily pay for it. Or, manage the availability yourself and accept each request. Take the worry away by insuring your item before posting, it’s available right on our platform! Write a clear and informative description that really “sells” your community on the item. If you’re stuck, look up a description online to use as inspiration.

Tip: When setting your rental rate, take a look at similar items in the marketplace and try and price your item at a competitive price. Still unsure? Look at the retail value of your item brand new. Then, price your daily rental rate between 10%-15% of that price. 

step 4

get your item ready to rent.

Once your item is approved by our team, prep it for delivery! Choose packaging that will keep your item safe and prevent any possible damage during the delivery process.

Tip: Wrap your item in paper or bubble wrap before boxing it up. Go the extra mile and create fun and memorable packaging that expresses the feel of your RuckifyStore and turn your renters into return clients (i.e. include a recipe when you rent out that Kitchen Aid mixer).

step 5

Kick back and watch the rental requests flood in!



Ruckify will send you the money you’ve earned from the booking once it has been completed and everything is returned in good condition.
Happy renting!


find what you need. rent what you need. meet new people. experience new things.

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