turning retailers into renters

Why buy when you can rent? When it comes to the housing market however, not everyone agrees (even though there is nothing wrong with renting!). Renting things like clothes, tools, outdoor gear and electronics are making more and more sense to the conscious consumer living in today’s sharing economy.  “The future of stuff is shared […]

throw an office party using rental items

Holiday work parties and such festivities are a core element in strengthening peer-to-peer relationships within the office and building your company’s culture. — Many industries have faced cutbacks in the past few years, leaving smaller budgets for office parties. Here at Ruckify we tested our own theory: that you can still throw a killer party […]

how to earn extra money as a photographer using Ruckify

Have you heard of Ruckify? A platform that kinda sounds like a swear word with a fancy “ify” at the end? Well, Ruckify offers a unique opportunity for people (especially existing businesses) to earn money off the things they already own by renting them out to people in their community.  Now, I know what you’re […]

the sharing economy and the traveler

“In its simplest form, the sharing economy is composed of hundreds of online platforms that enable people to turn otherwise unproductive assets into income producing ones.” Glenn Carter, Secrets of the Sharing Economy: Unofficial Guide to Using Airbnb, Uber, & More to Earn $1000’s The sharing model isn’t a new concept. Think of it as modern-day […]

stories from the Ruckify community: Khoi learns guitar

This is Khoi… Khoi wanted to rent a guitar.  Khoi downloaded the Ruckify app while on-the-go and searched the marketplace to find what he needed!  This is Adrienne… Adrienne has guitars in her RuckifyStore. Adrienne had all kinds of music gear in her RuckifyStore including a guitar that was perfect for Khoi. As a musician, […]

stories from the Ruckify community: Final Pass Pro Shop

Kevin is the face behind Final Pass Pro Shop! Ruckify sat down with him to discuss the positive impact our rental community has had on his business. “I learned about Ruckify two years ago and i was really excited for their launch so that i could come on board and start using my rental services […]

getting started on Ruckify – posting 101

Starting your rental business on Ruckify is easy! With instant chat and smooth mobile features, members of our rental community can post, rent, communicate, negotiate and meet anytime – anywhere. Whether you are posting or renting, there are ways to make the process super easy, from first contact to the exchange! Follow this 5 step […]

everything, anytime – even the extreme! an interview with the Amazing Carbone

It was a misty fall day, the perfect setting for our interview with “The Amazing Carbone”. A champion of Ruckify, Joseph Carbonetto is the owner of Intenseffex and is Stittsville’s resident spook show mastermind.  Paige and I stood outside Joseph’s remarkable house, wondering what sort of adventure we had gotten ourselves into. After a long […]